• About Us

  • A Team of Trusted Amazon Fulfillment Experts

    We are small locally owned business located in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the Cincinnati, Ohio area and have been selling on Amazon for a few years, and on Ebay for over 15 years.  With extensive experience in dealing with imports from China, we decided to offer this service to Amazon sellers needing to have a done for you solution for having their shipments inspected and labeled properly to sell them FBA on Amazon.

    Our customer service level is what our customers most like about our service.  We have availability by phone, skype, email, and fax.  We are not just an online marketing company that you can never speak to if you need help.

    We believe in doing a great job and keeping our customers, instead of always searching for new ones to replace the old ones. Referrals is how we have built our company and continue to grow based on our happy customer base. 

    We look forward to serving you so you can grow your Amazon business to new levels.