• Customs Fees

  • Fedex, DHL and UPS Customs Bills:

    If you are having products sent to us from outside the United States, then most likely they will have to be cleared through Homeland Security’s customs department. Sometimes we receive these bills when the UPS delivery driver drops off the packages, and sometimes they come in later. Sometimes the customs department takes a few weeks to get these to us.

    What is our customs fee schedule and can it be avoided?

    Customs Fee :
    We charge a $25 customs service fee to process the customs charges.  We also charge the amount of your customs fees plus 5%  to cover our paypal/credit card transaction fees.

    How to avoid the customs fee:

    Most suppliers, especially in China, never send your information to their shipping agent at UPS, DHL, or Fedex. The shipping companies just pay the customs fees and then invoice it to us. If you ask your supplier to provide your information to their shipping agent, and request they send the invoice to you so you can pay the invoice, usually they will do this and you can take care of the customs duty fees. It is important to make sure your supplier asks the shipping agent to send you the bill for this. If we don’t receive any customs fees then you will get your customs service fee back.