• Price List

  • Prices are as follows, and when you don't see something you need, or have any questions, we recommend you email or call us.

    FNSKU Labels:

    $0.15 per unit to apply the FNSKU stickers

    Product Inspections:
    $0.35 per unit includes:

    • Receiving your shipment
    • Inspecting the outside of your product packaging to check for damage.
    • Unboxing everything, counting the units, applying the FNSKU labels, and packaging them for shipment to Amazon. We will include the number of boxes, and the dimensions and weights of each box so you can print your labels in seller central and will email this to you so you can print the shipping labels.
    • Applying the shipping labels you email us and dropping them off at UPS and obtaining tracking numbers for your shipments.
    • Any other needed communications during the process

    *** Please note we have a $9 minimum per carton, so please keep that in mind for very large products. 

    Additional Services:

    There are some additional services we provide, and if you don't see your need on this list, please contact us.

    • $0.10 per unit to cover UPC bar code if you need this.  Generally the FNSKU label will cover this, but if the packaging is such that we can't cover the UPC code with the FNSKU sticker, then we need to charge the additional 10 cents per unit to cover it.
    • $0.10 per unit for additional labels, such as suffocation warning labels, or Made in China, Made in Vietnam, etc.
    • Poly bag pricing varies due to the size needed.  It is best to contact us, as we do require a separate charge for poly bags.
    • Inserts are generally $0.07 per unit.  If they are oversized or require complex folding additional fees may apply. It is best to contact us about inserts before ordering.
    • $0.20 to thoroughly inspect each unit, which includes opening each unit up out of the box and removing it from any packaging, and doing a full inspection for scratches or damage, and then repackaging it just how it was. Read more on our product inspection page.
    • Photography:  We can take 10 pictures for $20.  This would include the product, packaging, and anything else you want, with an iPad against a white background. The pictures may be good enough quality for you.  We also have a professional photographer who can take pictures for $99, additional editing charges may apply.

    Customs Fees

    When shipping by air, customs fees are a $25 processing fee, plus the cost of the customs fees, plus 5% of the amount of the customs fees.  You can easily avoid this charge by asking your supplier to have their shipping agent at DHL, Fedex, or UPS to invoice you directly. Please see our customs fees page for more information about this fee and how it works.  

    Shipping by Sea

    When shipping by sea, you will need to use a customs broker.  If you do not know this process, please contact us and we will explain it to you. Our shipping by sea page can give you a lot more information about how shipping by sea works.

    If you are already familiar with dealing with a customs broker, then all you need to do is make sure they can receive shipments into the Cincinnati, Ohio port.  If not, we can put you in touch with our Cincinnati customs broker and they will assist you in getting the product to us. Shipments from anywhere in the world can come to the Cincinnati port. Please note there are generally two transfer fees associated with shipping by sea to the Cincinnati port.  Please see our shipping by sea  page to learn more.